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We at Cali Transportation have years of experience in providing hassle free Automotive and Long Distance Towing in Los Angeles. Our experts can help you with your interstate car towing needs from Orange County, Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego to Nevada and Arizona.

Cali Transportation aims to provide our customers with the best possible long distance interstate automotive service at affordable rates. Our specialists are well trained and certified to do automotive towing. We provide hassle free car towing service at the most competitive rates in the region. As an experienced towing company in Orange County, Los Angeles we provide efficient Door-to-Door automotive transport to our valued customers. Our experts will pick up and drop off the vehicle at the location booked by our customers.

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Challenges in Long Distance Interstate Automotive Towing:

Towing a vehicle is not an easy task and long distance interstate automotive towing is certainly a hectic and time consuming job. A towing company will face many issues during interstate auto towing and only a company with necessary skills and expertise can complete the job without any problem. Here is a complete list of challenges faced by towing companies while undertaking interstate auto towing.

Transport Regulations:

The amount of rules and regulations a towing company must comply with is endless during long distance auto transportations. There are different sets of automotive towing rules in every state and not every towing company can fulfill them. An experienced long distance towing company will know these rules and regulations well and know how to meet these strict regulations. There are different sets of rules for insurance, license, equipment etc, which makes towing vehicles between states difficult.


Weather and Terrain are two of the major things a professional interstate auto transportation company will take into account during an interstate towing. For example, if the transportation route is affected by snow or heavy rain, the interstate auto transportation becomes tough and may face severe delays due to the adverse weather conditions. The towing becomes even more dangerous if the route is very narrow and steep.


Distance is a key factor that cannot be ignored while planning for interstate towing. In general, interstate towing requires towing the vehicle over a very long distance which can affect the vehicle as well as the towing team. Without prior planning, it is very challenging to tow a vehicle over a long distance. From rest stops to traffic congestion every aspect of the transportation must be considered. When you hire an interstate towing company it is essential you take into account the distance, fuel capacity, route and make proper planning for hassle free interstate transportation.


When it comes to interstate towing, timing plays a major role. It is very important to properly coordinate with the clients about the pick up and delivery and also take into account weather, traffic, etc to properly finish the transportation and deliver on time.

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Features of our long distance & interstate vehicle towing & shipping service

Fast Transportation:

Nobody likes to be delayed or wait for their vehicle to arrive. Keeping this in mind, we at Cali Transportation offer fast and hassle free vehicle transportation anywhere within Los Angeles, Nevada and Arizona. Our experts will coordinate with the clients about the route and progress of the transportation and keep them updated.

Door-to-Door Delivery:

We pride ourselves with the best door-to-door pickup and delivery service in Orange County, Los Angeles region. Once the client books the service our team of experts will coordinate and pickup / deliver the vehicle at the designated location. Our towing team will also do a complete inspection on the day of the pick up and drop off to avoid any issues. The inspection will include pictures of previous damages like scratches, mileage, etc. Once our team assesses the entire scenario, the vehicle will be loaded safely into the transport truck and the transportation will begin.

Wear and Tear:

One major issue faced by the vehicle owners during interstate travel is wear and tear of the vehicle. Road condition, distance of the journey, towing method all play a major role in this. If the vehicle has prior mechanical issues the chance of wear and tear is very high. This issue can be solved by transporting the automotive to the destined location using a professional interstate automotive towing service.

Type of Auto Transportation:

At Cali Transportation, we offer open and enclosed types of transportation. We recommend enclosed transportation of automotives to avoid damage and ease of long distance transportation.

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Why Choose Cali Transportation for your long distance interstate auto towing needs?

Cali Transportation has several years of experience in providing the best interstate automotive towing service in Orange County, Los Angeles. Having your vehicle transported by us will save your vehicle from wear and tear and also add mileage to your vehicle. We offer the best pricing for car towing anywhere within Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas, Phoenix etc.

With our experts at your side, you can save time and money while transporting your vehicle. Feel free to call us today to book our expert interstate towing service and transport your vehicle worry free.

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