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Our specialists here at Cali Transportation can assist you with all of your heavy equipment hauling needs. We serve orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco within California, Nevada, and Arizona. The hauling trailers transport construction gear, heavy machinery, industrial equipment and more.

Cali Transportation flatbeds are safe and secure when it comes to handling, loading, and unloading the heavy equipment that is being transported.

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Challenges Associated with heavy equipment moving

landollMoving heavy equipment across cities is always a complex and challenging task. Heavy equipment hauling requires high level planning, expertise, needed equipment, manpower and execution. Here are some of the challenges we face as a heavy equipment moving company.

Safety concerns

Moving heavy equipments need skilled, trained and experienced workers. Moving a heavy equipment can be very risky as they are very difficult to control. When heavy equipment are moved without the required tools and experience it can lead to accidents and injuries. As a leading heavy equipment moving company in Orange County and Los Angeles, we have a trained team and modern equipments to move.

Damage to equipment

When moving heavy equipment, we need the right transportation and handling. These equipments are highly priced, and moving them without proper transportation can result in damage to equipment. At Cali Transportation, we arrange the right vehicle to transport heavy equipments, be it from one city to another or from one sate to another.

Careful planning of the route

When moving heavy equipments, we need to select the correct route. As these equipments weigh in tons, the route we select to move these equipments should be able to handle the move. If the route has a narrow or weak bridge it may cause issues in moving the equipment.


Moving heavy equipment from one place to another will need necessary permits and regulations. The regulations can get complex when the equipment is moved from one state to another. At Cali Transportation, we ensure all the permits and regulation are in place before moving the equipment.

Cost and budgeting

Moving a heavy equipment is always a costly affair, as it involves logistics, permits, labor and renting high end equipments. As an experienced auto and equipment moving company in California, we ensure the moving is completed within the estimated cost and budget.

Overall, moving heavy equipment requires careful planning, attention to detail, and a focus on safety to ensure a successful outcome.

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What are the tools we use in moving heavy equipment?

Moving heavy equipment needs specialized tools and equipment. Being one of the professional heavy equipment hauling company that serves Orange County, Los Angeles, San Deigo, and San Francisco, we use the following tools to transport heavy equipment. Our team is highly trained and experienced in handling these tools and equipments


Cranes are an integral part of heavy equipment moving. As these equipments are very heavy, cranes are the ideal choice in lifting these equipments and placing it on the trailers. We use different kinds of cranes like mobile cranes, and tower cranes based on the type of equipment.


When moving heavy equipments over long distances, we need the right trailers. Based on the size and weight of the equipment we use flatbed, lowboy, and other specialized trailers to move heavy equipment.

Lifting wedges

Lifting wedges are one of the most used tools when moving a heavy equipment. Normally, the gap between the equipment and the floor will be very minimal. In order lift and load the heavy equipment, we use lifting wedges to increase the gap between the floor and the equipment.

Hydraulic turntables

Hydraulic turntables are one of the most important equipment when moving heavy equipments. Hydraulic turntables can help in rotating the heavy equipment in the direction we need. A quality hydraulic turntable can handle upto 400 tons of weight.

These are some of the equipments we use to move heavy equipments.

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How much would it cost to move heavy equipment?

There is no one cost fits all approach when moving heavy equipment. There are various cost factors associated when moving a heavy equipment. Here are some of the factors that majorly decide the cost of moving equipment from one place to another.


Transportation is one of major cost factor when transporting heavy equipment. Depending on the size and weight of the equipment we may choose a flatber, lowboy trailers or specialized trailers. Also the distance to travel is a major cost factor when transporting a heavy equipment

Labor cost

The next major cost when moving a heavy equipment is the labor cost. Similar to transportation, the labor cost will vary based on the size and weight of the equipment. In case if the equipment is heavy, we may need to hire more people and equipments like cranes, and that will increase the cost.

Permits and fees

When moving heavy equipment, we may need to take permits to move. The cost of these permits may vary depending on the distance we travel, number of cities or states we cross.


The cost of insurance will also vary based on the type of machinery. If its an expensive machinery, the insurance cost will be more. Similarly, the insurance cost will vary based on the size of the machinery.

These are some of the major factors that decide the moving cost of heavy machineries and equipments. As a rough estimate, it may from few thousand dollars to move locally to tens of thousands of dollars for long distance moving like from one state to another.

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Areas we serve

As one of the leading heavy machinery and equipment moving company in California, we service the following areas

  • Orange County
  • Los Angeles
  • San Deigo
  • San Francisco

Apart from California, we also provide our service in Neveda and Arizona.

Apart from heavy equipment hauling, we also provide limousine transportation, RV transportation, motorcycle transportation, and automotive towing

Why choose us to move heavy equipment?

We provide an easy, fast, reliable heavy equipment transportation. Our transporting pricing is matched accordingly to where you need your heavy equipment transported i.e. San Diego, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Phoenix etc. Having your industrial and heavy equipment transported will save you time, money, and worry.

  • Cali Transportation provides fast and easy auto transport within CA, NV, and AZ.
  • Provide us with the following details regarding the transportation of the heavy equipment: dimensions, weight, pickup, and delivery destination.
  • The equipment is mounted onto specialized shipping flatbeds made for transporting heavy equipment.
  • On the pick-up and drop off date an initial inspection will be made this will include: mileage, ensuring that all parts of the heavy equipment are functional before and after transportation, pictures of any prior scratches/damage on your heavy equipment, and Bill of Lading.

Here at Cali Transportation we guarantee great heavy equipment transportation results. Give us a call today to coordinate a specific date and time that is convenient for your industrial equipment transportation.

Provide us with all the information we need to know regarding your heavy equipment for an instant quote. We look forward to fulfilling your auto transportation needs.

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