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We at Cali Transportation pride ourselves with offering the best limousine transportation service in Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco region. From local limousine moving to long distance limousine transportation our experienced specialists will make the whole process hassle free.

Our goal as a limousine moving company is to provide complete customer satisfaction.Our experts at Cali Transportation work closely with the clients to understand their needs and offer our service accordingly. With our expertise we can complete any complex limousine transportation successfully.

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Why Hire a Limousine Moving Company in Orange County, Los Angeles

Moving a Luxury Limousine can be a hectic task. When you hire a professional Limousine Moving Company they will take care of everything from pick up to drop off without the client having to worry about anything. Here is a list of reasons why hiring a Limousine Mover is the right choice.


An experienced limousine moving company will have the professional expertise in moving luxury limousines over long distances safely and efficiently. They take extreme care and precautions during the transport and delivery.


Only a professional limousine transportation company can transport limousines safely since they are trained to do so. They are also insured and licensed which is an added advantage since limousines are very costly and any damages to them will incur heavy loss. Trained experts at Limousine Moving Company will have the expertise needed to manage any unexpected issues that arise during the move.

Regulations and Permits:

Moving a limousine over long distances is not possible without obtaining official permits from the state departments. There are strict regulations that must be complied with and only a licensed and professional limousine transportation can adhere too. Obtaining these permits can be time consuming and a costly process.


Moving a luxury limousine from one city to another can be a daunting task. But, when you hire the services of an experienced limousine moving company the whole process becomes easy. The moving company will load the limousine on their flatbeds and take care of the entire transportation. You will not have to worry about driving a large transportation vehicle in hectic traffic. From loading the vehicle at the pick up location to unloading the vehicle at the drop off location, the limousine transportation company will take care of everything for you.

Stress Free:

There is no limit to the stress faced by a client when transporting a luxury limousine over long distances all by themselves. By hiring a professional limousine moving company one can completely avoid this stressful experience. They will take care of everything while the client is free of stress and anxiety related to moving their precious limousine.

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Why Choose Cali Transportation for your limousine transportation in Orange County

We are a legally licensed, certified transportation company in Orange County. Our specialists have several years of experience in transporting all types of luxury limousine in and around Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Phoenix and Nevada.

Once you place an order to transport your luxury limousine with us, our team will collect the basic details such as pick up and drop location and the contact details of the persons to whom the vehicle must be handed over.

Our team will then take photographs of the vehicle before loading the limousine on the transporting vehicle. Our experts will also take pictures of any scratches and mileage of the limousine before the pick up to avoid any unnecessary issue during the drop off.

We at Cali Transportation use shipping flatbeds that are made specifically to transport luxury vehicles, party buses etc,. These flatbeds are very safe and are commonly used to transport operational and non operational luxury limousines.

Our staff at Cali Transportation are well trained and work tirelessly to ensure the vehicle is delivered at the specified drop off location on time without any damage.

Hire the experts at Cali Transportation for a safer and stress free limousine transport!

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